Hi! Thanks so much for being here. I hope that what you discover during your visit is a thorough + honest glimpse into my work and reasons why.

A little background: I've been photographing Weddings professionally for 15 years, and feel like I’m just getting started. Over the years I’ve logged a lot of hours with a lot of people. Together we've rejoiced in the possibilities, worked through the obstacles, sang and danced, laughed and cried, and watched little pieces of our own history play out before our eyes. I built a solid foundation through those experiences, and developed my skills as a storyteller. The work that I do is extremely important to me, and to those whom I work with. It is a great responsibility, and an even greater honor.

Couples often comment that they hadn't expected such genuine interest. I suppose that's where the work gets its strength. I dig people. I'm fascinated by family dynamic + inspired by the boundaries of the human heart. Experiencing people through their wedding is the ultimate. It gives me direct access to their past, present and future - all in one place. Throw in some fancy threads, pretty backdrops, gourmet cake and well, it's no wonder that I adore this gig.

I want to serve as an ally along the way. I check in often and am always available to talk, listen and share my experiences when they can be of benefit. I've been told that I bring an insightful + calming energy to an often confusing + hectic process. To me, it's simply about sincerity and respect.

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m thrilled for you + your family. Reach out. I'd love to hear about you.


Heather + Sean

Dear Tomas -
The following is an unsuccessful attempt to describe to you our feelings on our photos. Sean and I made a special date out of viewing them together for the first time last night, and as we sat and tried to process the amazingness of what we were seeing, we felt utterly


There's just no way to aptly express how


your work is, and how thoroughly pleased and impressed we are with it.
THANK YOU for seeing us, and for capturing our hearts. Job well done, Sir. You are quite gifted.

-Heather & Sean -

Kelsey + Jeff

Tomas was the best decision we made throughout planning our wedding. Not only is he extremely talented and professional, but he's just a wonderful person to be around! Being in front of the camera isn't exactly what my husband and I are used to. Tomas made our engagement photos and our wedding day such a beautiful experience. He got to know us on a personal level, which was so important because it allowed him to capture us being ourselves. He made us comfortable and really understood our vision.
The day of the wedding-I honestly felt a sigh of relief when I saw Tomas. I knew I was in good hands. He also was amazing with the bridal party and guests, EVERYONE loved him. His easy going personality and professionalism were above and beyond. Every time we look at the photos of our wedding day, we relive a day full of beauty, love, and happiness. Tomas captured all of it perfectly and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer.

Kelsey & Jeff -

Christina + Chris

It is hard to express in words how happy we are that we chose Tomas as our wedding photographer. Not only is he extremely talented, he is a person with exactly the type of energy you want for your special day.
I must first speak of Tomas' character before I get to his skills as a photographer. We met with him twice before the wedding, and immediately knew he would be perfect. He is engaging and sincere with his clients. His passion for our interests and desires was endearing. Leading up to the wedding he and Alessandra (his assistant) were instrumental in the planning of our day, as he was assisting us with a "first look" shoot. They are quick to respond to emails, and very helpful with information.

Tomas was there from the moment I made it to the salon until the last guest left. He also made a special trip the day before to find the perfect shots around the venue, check in with me, and meet the family. My family and friends ABSOLUTELY loved him. If there are any more weddings in the Rochester area, you better believe we are booking Tomas!

The day of the wedding he couldn't have been more perfect. He was around enough to get so many great shots, but wasn't obtrusive. I barely knew he was there half the time! My husband and I aren't used to getting our pictures taken, and Tomas was great at directing us and making us comfortable enough to get some amazing results. When I received the photos online I could not believe how great they looked! Our wedding photos will truly be treasured for years to come. Tomas did such an excellent job! It would be a mistake not to book him!

-Christina + Chris -

Kyla + Ryan


As we celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we are still helplessly captivated by the photos you made. Looking back it seems like destiny that we found you, and we can't imagine our journey since then without you.  You have been a constant presence from the days that 'real life' started to the very moment that I am writing this.  

Tomas - Thank you for always showing up.  Always being there.  Always caring deep down in your soul.  We can't imagine being 'us' without you.  From the depths of our being - thank you.

-Kyla + Ryan -

Alexandra + Chris

I highly recommend Tomas Flint Photography! His photography style, personal character and talent combine into one amazing package producing wonderful pictures and memories. And to top it off, he is responsive and accommodating to some scheduling and location changes!
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Tomas recently in Lake Placid, NY. Our timeline was a bit unusual, mixing an engagement photo shoot and small ceremony into one day. Tomas made the most of the day and delivered a lot of wonderful photos!
We had to work with a few feet of snow for our outdoor shots. Tomas was up for the adventure of snowshoeing to our snow covered photo locations capturing our favorite spots beautifully during the engagement photo session. Once dressed in our wedding attire, the snow made some of our original ideas inaccessible but Tomas came up with great alternatives for our first look and family portraits.
His easy-going attitude and humor kept real, genuine smiles on our faces throughout the day. I think it is important to note that our ceremony was our immediate family only, a small group of 8 individuals. Tomas fit right in to the fold and his presence felt like an extension of the families. Again, resulting in real smiles and laughter during the photographs. Throughout the portraits and ceremony our families complimented us time and time again our choice in photographer.
Looking over the pictures from the day and remembering the day I am so happy with our choice in photographer, really he was the perfect fit. We are having a second, larger ceremony/renewing of the vows next year, and we ill be working with Tomas. We are so excited for another opportunity to work with him and his team again!

Alex & Chris -

Jamie + Nick

Working with Tomas was an incredible experience. Not only is he an excellent photographer, but he is a wonderful person. I appreciate the fact that he really made an effort to get to know my fiance ( and now husband!) and I on a personal level. He was interested in our story of how we met and fell in love, and all aspects of our life that make us who we are as a couple. This made for a comfortable process from the very beginning, and a true relationship was formed built on trust. 

I thank Tomas for all of his hard work capturing beautiful moments of our wedding day, and I will forever cherish these memories. He was creative and visionary in his approach, and it is completely obvious that not only is he skilled in his craft, but he has a true passion for the art. Thank you Tomas for making our wedding day an incredible experience that we will live through your beautiful photography over and over again. Incredibly dependable, creative, timely and kind, I would recommend Tomas to ANYONE! :)

Jamie + Nick