Hi! Thanks so much for being here. I hope that what you discover during your visit is a thorough + honest glimpse into my work and reasons why.

A little background: I've been photographing Weddings professionally for 14 years, and feel like I’m just getting started. Over the years I’ve logged a lot of hours with a lot of great people. Together we've rejoiced in the possibilities, worked through the obstacles, sang and danced, laughed and cried, and watched little pieces of our own history play out before our eyes. I built a solid foundation through those experiences, and developed my skills as a storyteller. The work that I do is extremely important to me, and to those whom I work with. This is great responsibility, but an even greater honor.

I often hear from couples that they hadn't expected such genuine interest from me. Guilty as charged. I dig people. I'm fascinated by family dynamic + inspired by the boundaries of the human heart. Experiencing people through their wedding is the ultimate. It gives me direct access to their past, present and future - all in one place. Throw in some fancy threads, pretty backdrops, gourmet cake and well, it's no wonder that I adore this gig.

I want to serve as an ally at every stage. I check in often and am always available to talk, listen and share my experiences when they can be of benefit. I've been told that I bring an insightful + calming energy to an often confusing + hectic process. I wholeheartedly accept this compliment :)

When the Wedding Day rolls around, something magical happens. I find myself surrounded by friends, sharing in sincere a celebration of the ties that bind. This is the good stuff...the best stuff there is.

Cheers. I’m thrilled for you + your family. Reach out. Let's connect.